November 06, 2012

Where have I gone??

I know I've been totally absent around here. 

This summer was just a bombardment of activity - travelling, lots of visitors, laundry & meals & keeping our house from exploding in between, and trying to find our own time to relax in the middle of it all!

Fall came, and with it, a sense of "Hurray! Time to let things die down and achieve a sense of normalcy!"


well... I've had this business idea burning in my head for a couple of years now.  I live in a very small town with not alot of resources in regards to clothing options (ahem).  There are a few stores, but most of them carry a very ooooold selection of, well, older-style clothes.  Nothing for a hip 20-something like myself (hah!!). 

I'd been stewing on the idea of an upscale-style consignment shop for awhile.  I had a little notebook where I'd scribble ideas, and I had been writing up an 'unofficial' business plan... kind of for fun, but mostly to get my ideas on paper, and see if it was something that would really fly.  I'd toss the idea out to my pals in the area, and I kept getting an overwhelmingly positive response.  Still, with two little ones at home, I kept the idea on the backburner.


the perfect little shop space opened up downtown.  Not too big, but not too small, right on the main strip.   Good rent.  And I happened to know the landlords.  Things kind of just fell in my lap.  So I decided - "Let's do it!!! Go for it!!"

This all happened about 8 weeks ago.  And timewise, I wanted to get opened up before the holiday shopping season was over (I'd be a total dummy to wait until that goldrush was over!)  So I've been working like a mad woman to arrange everything.  Finding suppliers, ordering supplies, getting insurance, arranging daycare, registering everything... not to mention getting into the space, painting, building, installing fixtures, yada yada yada.

So at this point we're about 2 weeks from opening day.  Things are finally coming to the point that I can walk into the space and say "yes, this looks like a store, and yes, I think we'll actually be done on time."  It's a good feeling, seeing your baby come to life.

And that's my excuse for being TOTALLY absent.

And my excuse for being totally uncrafty.  Well, I can't say that, really... just not blog-worthy craftiness.  Framing in walls and all that stuff isn't really exciting blog reading.  But sooooooon, I promise!

And for anyone who's interested, you can check out my little baby at, or at

Cheers all!

October 01, 2012

Silhouette Cameo Winner!!

Announcing the winner of the Silhouette Cameo:

Ok, so I am super jealous.

I soooo want one of these babies.

But, I'll still have to wait until it's in my crafting budget... this lovely Silhouette is going to:

Jaeme Nicole Wilkerson!!

Congrats babe!!

You'll be getting an email today, Jaeme, to let you know, and to confirm all the gory details :)

As for the rest of us, we can keep dreaming... and keep your eyes open, because I'm sure we'll be hosting another sweet giveaway sometime soon.


September 21, 2012

Giveaway - Silhouette Cameo!!

Good day everyone!  I'm so happy you're with me today - because I've got something great to share with you!!

I've been super-fortunate, since I started blogging, to make some amazing connections and great bloggy friends.  A group of these fabulous ladies and I have teamed up to offer you, sweet readers, a chance to win an amazing prize - a Silhouette Cameo!!

Let me just say that I don't actually own a Silhouette yet... I've been drooling over one for the longest time... so I will be super jealous of whoever wins this!!

I'm sure everyone has a mental list of projects they're dying to get started on this baby!

This fabulous group of bloggers, and myself, have pulled together and sponsored this giveaway to thank our readers. 
Please make sure to take a moment to visit each and every one of these blogs and thank them for the chance to win! 
I'm sure you will love each and every one of their blogs, as well.  They are all incredibly talented, charming, and hilarious ladies :)

The Rafflecopter widget below will show you all the ways you can enter - be sure to take advantage of as many ways as you can for your best chances at this AMAZING prize!!

The giveaway is open to US residents (sorry fellow Canucks!), 18 years of age and up.  All entries will be verified!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to everyone!!
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