June 04, 2011

Beach Stone Pendants

This is a project that came to mind when I was playing on the beach with my daughter Ruby. 

I'm a treasure hunter by nature... I always have one eye to the ground for little goodies that catch my eye.  We are lucky enough to live on a beautiful bay, with the beach right out our back door.  Every time we take a jaunt down to play I come back with my pockets loaded with beach glass, fossils, shells, and these marvelously light, flat beach stones.  One day I happened to pick one up that had ripples in the stone that reminded me of mountains... and I thought hmmmm...

So these are the result.  I'm a total novice at the wire wrapping - in fact, last night was the first time I ever attempted it.  I still need alot of practice (and some proper tools), but they turned out better than I expected, and I'm satisfied with the result. 

Any suggestions on any new designs?


  1. Hi I'm making a stone pendant as a present for my mom could you just tell me what's the size of the wire I'm supposed to buy

  2. Hi there, the size of wire I used is 24-gauge copper based wire. It worked well, however I find that because it's fairly thin it kinks pretty easily, so you have to be pretty careful with it. Once I'm all through with this batch of wire I'm going to try one size thicker - probably 22-gauge.
    I would love to see a pic if you end up making one!!


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