June 02, 2011

Home at last...

I just got back from five days away from home (all by myself!)... and while it was nice to have some "me time," it's good to be back. 
Living in a remote area is hard sometimes.  Especially when you need art and crafting supplies.  Sometimes I'll get a creative spark and think "I have to do this!"... and then have to wait a month until I get to go into the city to pick out my supplies.  Of course, by then the creative juice for that particular project has usually long dried up.  In any case, I've gotten into the habit of making lists of any 'ingredients' I think I'll need to pick up on my next venture.  Which is what I got to do for these last five days... between doctor's appointments (baby is doing well, and we only have less than 8 weeks to go!), and visiting with family, I got to peruse through fabric stores, craft aisles, and all the good stuff I usually can't take my time to do.  You know... impatient hubby and bored child and all... but this time was different.  I'm now armed with goodies and ideas and motivation.  So keep a heads up for some new project updates... (*squeals with delight*)

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