June 15, 2011

Knit-Along Decision Finally Made!

Ok, so I joined the luvinthemommyhood Summer Sweater Knit-Along a few weeks ago, and have been stewing on which sweater to pick for the project ever since.  I figured it was a perfect time to start a new project, since the last time I got to actually sit and knit an entire sweater was when my daughter was born.  At that time, I was stuck on the couch for so long (nursing, holding napping baby, just physically and mentally recuperating...) that I managed to knit a sweater for my hubby in about 3 weeks.  And since Peanut #2 is due in about 6 weeks, I figure that it's perfect timing :)

Because of the knitting circumstances, there were a few factors involved in choosing a pattern. 

-Must be cardigan-style, since nursing with a pullover sweater is an enormous feat, and unnecessarily sweaty and gross.

-Must conceal a multitude of post-baby body sins... you moms all know what I'm talking about!

-Must use worsted weight yarn or thicker... since lack of sleep, a zombie-like state of mind, and a million distractions don't really allow for counting zillions of tiny-stitches.

-Must contain minimal lace or cables, for same above reason!

-However, must contain at least some kind of stitch variation, so I don't lose interest halfway through.

-Lastly, I wanted it to be something pretty and feminine, because honestly, I hate wearing hoodies, even though I have a bunch of them.  I always feel like a slob in them.  So, because this is intended to be my go-to sweater for the fall & winter, I at least want to feel pretty when I put it on (even though I'll probably have my hair in a ponytail and wearing no makeup, ha ha).

And so, after hours of perusing, contemplating...

the winner is....


I don't have my yarn yet... due to the small-townishness of where I live, my choices here are pretty much limited to an ugly selection of sweaty acrylics (yuck).  So my super-knitter sister-in-law, who has an awesome Local Yarn Store, offered to pick up what I'll need, and I've pretty much entrusted her to decide on the yarn, colour, etc.  I'm excited to see what I'll get!

I'll post occasional updates on how it's coming along, with photos, for anyone who's interested.

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