July 28, 2011

Home at Last, with Baby in Tow


What a busy / chaotic / wonderful / incredible week. 

First, I apologize for the lack of any kind of arty-crafty updates in the last while.  I had every intention of spending the last couple of weeks sitting on the couch, lazily sipping tea and painting or knitting or what have you.  But I got brain mush.  I couldn't focus on anything, or build up any motivation to do much but zone out and sleep.

So, after almost 2 weeks away from my home, crashing at my in-law's during my last two weeks of  pregnancy, the wonderful finally happened, and I now have my baby boy safe and sound at home. 

One day old...

and one week old.

And what a difference this time around!  I literally felt FANTASTIC within hours after the delivery (minus the usual aches and such).  The day after we left the hospital I actually went out for dinner and shopping. 

When we got back home, the hubby and I drove to our secret swimming hole and chilled out in the lake for a good half hour.

I love where I live.

All the shopping in the world can't compare to the peace and natural beauty right outside our door.

In some actual crafting news, I'm planning on doing a giveaway soon... just getting the details worked out.  Stay tuned!

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