July 08, 2011

Moses Basket Make-Over

This is a little something I whipped up a few weeks back, but with all the hustle & bustle I simply haven't had time to post about it.

I've had this Moses basket since my daughter was born.  My mom found it for me for $5 at a consignment shop, and it was in great shape... however the fabric was a leeeee-tle dated.  And worn.  And just had to go.  Only I just couldn't force myself to sew something up when Ruby was using it, and so I just kept it as it was.  Even though it was far too ruffly and flouncy and had a nerve-wracking amount of loose fabric floating around the inside.

So this time around, I knew I needed to change it... and as luck would have it, Miriam over at Mad Mim posted her Moses basket recover pretty much the same day I was pondering what to do with mine.  Fate???

So totally inspired, I pretty much used the same design as hers, and am sooooooo happy with the way it looks now.   I do apologize for the lack of creativity in the photos... my 'studio' was a disaster and we were expecting rain.  And I realize that the fabric is terribly wrinkled.  But hey, just finishing it was a reward, so the details can go to hell.

Unfortunately I didn't get a 'before' picture of the ugliness, but did get a picture of the original fabric... before I trashed it.  Muahahaha.

Lovely huh??  (I am sooooo not a teddy bear person.)

On the same kinda note, I'll probably be slacking in my posting (even more so than now), due to the fact that this babe is due in 2 weeks and I'll be spending those next weeks away from home, with my in-laws, waiting for him to make his appearance.  I'll do my best to update when possible, but no promises!


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