August 29, 2011

Gift for a Hockey-Obsessed Hubby

Ok - finally time for the big reveal...

I did this t-shirt up weeks ago for my hubby.  For once he actually listened to my blabbering about an arty idea, and clued in - "she can make something for ME!" - and told me EXACTLY what he wanted.

For those who don't get the logo - it's kind of the adopted logo for the Toronto Maple Leaf's new goalie, James Reimer.  It's a play on Optimus Prime from Transformers.  

It was my first freezer paper stencilling project, and I'm pretty jazzed about how it turned out.  There are a few places where it bled under the stencil slightly, but probably not really noticeable to anybody but me, of course.  Just a learning process for next time!

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