August 30, 2011

Inspirations... for the Kiddie's Room

Just a handful of things to add to my inspiration file...

We may be moving to a bigger house in a couple of months.  We're simply outgrowing the rental we're in now, even though I love where we are.  However, the new house needs ALOT of updating... but since it is also a rental, we're pretty much limited to paint colours.  So, since I'll already be painting, my creative juices are flowing... I basically have a whole blank slate to work with.
I love this design - I could totally see this (or a variation of it) hanging up in Ruby's bedroom.  And bonus - it's so pretty and so EASY & CHEAP.  Everything could be picked up at the Dollar Store!  Well, except for the glue and paint, but that's already in every crafter's pantry anyway...

There are lots of variations of antiqued barnboard signs out there, and this is only just one that I really like.  I'd like to personalize the lyrics, though I don't think the lyrics to Ruby Soho (by Rancid, which is the song Mike has always sung to her, haha) would really work, though if I made it really pretty and girly the irony might be funny in itself. 
Since I plan to do her walls a little darker, I might do the reverse stencilling - block out the lettering and dry-brush paint the background.  Just an idea...

I've been looking for a set like this for awhile, but couldn't find any kind of kids table sets for sale that weren't plastered with cartoon characters or Barbies.  I finally resigned myself to building one, and this set looks perfect - and the total cost seems good too!

Oh I have so many ideas, and there are just so many talented people to draw inspiration from out there.  It's so hard to narrow it down!  I'll be sharing other ideas for the rest of the house too, and then possibly give updates on how it looks once we get it going!

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