September 24, 2011

Random Facts Friday (2)

My sweater is finally finished!!  Hurrah!!

I finished knitting it the other night, and last night I did all the tedious finishing - weaving in the ends, grafting the armpit stitches, and all that other 'fun' stuff.  This afternoon I blocked it, and it's now drying on my kitchen table... we'll see how long it can stay there, without some little fingers pulling at it.

But... I think it's waaaaay too big.  It knitted up to the proper measurements for my size, but when I tried it on it looked more like a cape than a sweater, ha ha.  I'll wait and see how it fits once it's blocked and dried, but I have a feeling I'm going to have to gift it.  Sigh.  Or rip it out and start over.  Double sigh. 

Either way, I'll take some pictures and have them posted soon... and maybe let you folks decide if it's alright for me or not. 

Random Facts Friday

 1.  I looooooove poppies, they make me really happy. via

2.  Gin and Tonic.  Lime slice.  Lots of ice.  'Nuff said. via

3.  My eyes are slightly different colours.  It's one of those things people either notice right away, or will know me for years and never notice at all.
image source

4.  You know those irritating commercials for Mini Wheats cereal?  I once had one of those songs in my head for weeks.  As soon as I would get it out, the commercial would pop up on TV and it would start all over again.  It was so bad, that it once kept me up for almost an entire night.  I thought I was going crazy.  I swore I would never ever eat Mini Wheats again after that. via

Have a great weekend everyone!

ps - this post delay was actually due to internet issues, not me, yay!

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