October 12, 2011

Treat Bag Tuesday...er... Wednesday - Black Magic Chocolate Cake

Yes, I am a day late in getting this up.  I figure, it was the long weekend, and I guess I deserve to be a day off. 

The hubby and I took the kids up to visit my parents this weekend.  They live just far enough that it's not feasible for us to make the trip on a regular weekend.  It's about a 4.5 - 5 hour drive each way.  But that's without stopping.  And God kows, with two itty ones in tow, you're going to be doing some stopping.  So you can stretch that out to around 6 - 8 hours, depending on their moods!

It was absolutely beautiful weather-wise; we literally couldn't have asked for a nicer weekend.  It was the first trip there for Vilho, and the first trip there for Ruby since she was 4 months old.  It seems crazy to me that it's been that long.  My parents had a family dinner organized at my sister's place, and it was nice to get together with everyone and visit, especially with family like my great aunts and uncles that I rarely get to see.  After dinner ended, there was a fireworks show (my parents and sister live waaaay out in the boondocks), and a big bonfire. 

So after arriving back home, there's the regular back-to-reality task of unpacking, doing ALL that laundry, and sorting everything out.  Ugh.  Which is why I gave myself an extra day to get this recipe up for y'all.

It's actually not my recipe at all.  I can't take ANY credit for this, except for the time I took to try it out and spread the love with you folks. 

Black Magic Chocolate Cake

I found this recipe while wasting time perusing on Pinterest.  I was soooo intrigued... the best chocolate cake recipe EVER?? 
You can find the recipe here:
<I won't repost the recipe, since you can just as
easily link over to the original post>

I've been trying to perfect my own chocolate cake recipe for awhile.  But I just couldn't get it the way I had it in my head... rich and chocolatey, but light and fluffy, and still firm enough to be able to hold up to a slather of frosting.  Even though it tasted good, mine always turned out a little too heavy and dense.  And if I can't get something perfect, it becomes kind of a mission for me to find a recipe that works. 

Well - this one hit it RIGHT ON.  Absolutely delicious... perfect texture, weight, and flavour.  Yum!  This will definitely be my go-to chocolate cake recipe from now on. 

I did make a couple of modifications though:

  • I cut the recipe in half and used a 7x7" pan.  Mostly because the last time I made a cake, my hubby didn't eat one bite (I know, right!?) and I was *doomed* to eat the entire thing myself.  And I didn't want to be stuck with a super large cake if this happened again.
  • I didn't have buttermilk on hand.  Tip - for a buttermilk substitute, you can just add a tablespoon of white vinegar or lemon juice per cup of regular milk.  I did just so, and it worked just fine.
  • For the frosting, I didn't have chocolate to melt, so I just added more cocoa powder to the icing sugar. 
  • I also added coffee to the frosting instead of the milk as indicated, which gave it a nice mocha flavour.

Just for the record, I didn't have to worry about the hubby not eating any of the cake.  I had to hide it on him just so I could make sure I got my pictures.

Happy eating!!

Have a suggestion for something you'd like me to share?  Leave a comment letting me know... I'd love to get your feedback on what you'd like to see.  Cheers!

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