November 08, 2011

My new kitchen countertops :)

When we got this new place, I was really excited... but not so excited about how dated it was in some respects.  Being a rental, there's only so much that I had the liberty to do.  Luckily, our landlords know my husband really well and have given us ALOT of freedom in fixing the place up. 

The kitchen was pretty sad.  Structurally sound, but really really needing some love.  The photos don't do it much justice.  The countertops were choppy and stained gold-flecked melamine.  The backsplash was made up of strange plastic tiles from the 50's, and covered in chicken and rooster stickers.  And check out the colour of those walls.  Again, the photo doesn't do it justice. 

I decided I really needed to tackle those countertops.  I know you can get melamine paint, but I didn't want to do an all-one-colour-obviously-repainted something.  Plus I wanted something with some visual interest. 

The backsplash was a toughie... I really didn't want to get into tearing all those tiles off and replacing them (I mean, it is still a rental).  But what the heck could I do to change it that would be durable?  I pondered just getting some peel and stick floor tiles, but couldn't find anything that matched or just didn't look too corny.


With the help of some primer, craft paints, and many many layers of acrylic polyurethane, I totally transformed that bad boy. 

The backsplash was a whim... I picked up some silver spray paint for the cupboard handles, and decided to test a coat on the tiles.  I really liked how it turned out... I'll get some better pics up once my kitchen gets cleaned.  It's kind of a moved-in mess right now. 

AND I'll get up some instructions on how I did the countertop in a few days. 

Until then, enjoy the weather and stay warm!

Update: You can now find the tutorial for the countertops here!!


  1. looks great. wish i could do my kitchen. the ugly cheap nicotine stained vinyl covered waferboard cupboards drive me nuts. unfortunately living in a large apartment building my landlord doesn't let anyone paint them. best thing i can think of is putting new handles on in place of the ugly plastic ones and storing the old ones for if i ever move out. i thought about using some of that temporary peel off wallpaper too but it's pretty pricey. oh well lol

  2. Job well done on the countertop! The new paint and design definitely added beauty, but not only to the countertop, but also to the whole kitchen space. In fact, it gives life and elegance to the place! And the gray wall tiles definitely blend well with the top.


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