November 03, 2011

Starting to feel like Home...

Well, we've been in our new place for almost a week now.  Just got our internet reconnected yesterday, hence my absence.  I promise things will be up and running again soon.  There is just sooooo much to do before I can unwind enough mentally to actively blog again. 

I don't know how the heck we fit so much stuff into our previous apartment.  It blows my mind.  Once we got our stuff moved in here, it literally looked like a landfill.  Boxes, bags, and just STUFF everywhere.  We're about 2/3 unpacked now... and I'm kind of going nuts.  All of my cupboards and closets are full, but I'm still unpacking boxes with contents that need spaces to fit into. 

I hung up some pictures and paintings today, and I think that was the key to start feeling like this was my 'home,' rather than just a house.  Interesting how that can change your perspective.

I'm hoping to have a recipe up by Tuesday, and some pictures of our 'renovations.'  I'm pretty proud of how much we updated this place with just a little imagination and elbow grease. 

Cheers to all, and we'll talk again soon!

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