January 12, 2012

Boxing Week Haul, and a Peek at my Workspace

While I love living in my teeny community, there are some times when it's REALLY not convenient.  Like when I want to shop for, well, pretty much anything. 

We have the essentials - grocery store, pharmacy, hardware store - but even those are pretty limited selection-wise.  There is a small department store in our 'downtown' that has a little sewing / crafts section, where I sometimes run in a pinch. 

But really, if I want to actually shop for supplies, I have to head to Sudbury, the nearest city to us, which is about a 2 hour trek from here.  Not too far, but just far enough that it's a pain in the ass, especially with two little kids.  So while we were up visiting my in-laws around New Year's (who live just outside of the city), I managed to get some fabric shopping done.  Woohoo!

Because it was the week after Christmas, there were some awesome Boxing Week deals going on. 

(Please don't notice how disorganized my workspace is.  Please.)

Three bags stuffed full of trim / ribbon / random odds & ends, for $1 each:

I now have approximately 12 metres of that pink lace elastic trim (here come some undies!), 10 pkgs of waistband elastic, one pkg of bra elastic, and nylon cording.  Plus loads and loads of sweet ribbon!

This beautiful taffeta... the design makes it look handpainted.  I got two metres in the 'ends' bin for $1.50.  The colour was hard to capture in the photo... it's a silvery-beige with dark pink/red flowers.  It's too girly for my hubby, so I can't use it in my decorating.  I'll find a use for it somewhere!

I got a couple of metres of this sweet flannel, also on sale.  I think it came out to $1.60/metre.  I think I'll use it for some of the many many baby shower gifts I have to make for my many many pregnant and newly-momified friends I have. 

I have a thing for Elvis fabric.  I don't know why... but this is the third Elvis print I've bought.  Also on sale... I think $2/metre.  This is gonna go for some handbags and clutches I'm planning.  I think I'm even gonna jazz it up with some sequins and glitter and stuff, just to bling it out like crazy.  Totally cheeseball.  Totally great.

Some more fabrics I scored... all on sale or as remnants.  The blue print on the end is another Elvis print.  The rest are for random projects - dresses, tops, quilts, whatever. 

Close-up of the black eyelet-edged cotton.  Loooove this!!!  Gonna make myself a sweet peasant-style top.  (Maybe a tute and pattern on here when I get around to it?!?)

This is probably the find I'm most jazzed about.  These buttons are ceramic.  The small ones are about 8" across, the large one is about 12" across.  I was eyeing them on the display when my mother-in-law noticed they were on clearance.  See that white stuff on the edges of the large one?  Well, it's residue from the paper they were packed in... so they were selling them off for $1 for the small ones (originally $15/each), and $2 for the large one (originally $25).  Got them home, took a wet cloth to them, and the paper came right off!  What awesome wall decor for my sewing room!

Just a glimpse of my workspace in progress:

Sewing table.  Yes, that is a rubber chicken (goose?) on the floor.  And that panelling is crying for some paint. 

My storage spaces.  That trunk doesn't belong there, but it's too heavy for me to move by myself (stuffed with books!).  Most of my fabric is neatly folded away... we'll see how long it stays that way.  And there, tucked along the side, are my portfolio and canvases and other art papers. 

So yeah, my space needs a little loving.  It's a little depressing.  It's kind of like a dungeon right now.  But it's MY dungeon.  And that makes me happy!

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