January 17, 2012

A little bit of a delay, oops!

Well, the recipe I had done up for today turned out to be a bit of a failure, *sob*.  It had such potential, too... ah well.  I guess after last week's super success I was due to have a little flop.

Actually, all's not totally lost.  I had prepped up a batch of Turkish Delight... I know, yum!!!  But I made a few little boo-boo's while I was making it up.  Totally my fault.  I was just rushing and didn't prepare properly ahead of time (the cause of most of my cooking flops!).  The kind of boo-boo's that, as I was doing it, I immediately would think, "I really shouldn't have done that..... "

The result is super yummy, totally edible, but uber-ugly.  Absolutely not photo-worthy.  Kind of embarrassing, actually.  But hey, I'm still getting the hang of this jelly-candy thing. 

I promise I'll try this one again, because it's soooooo good.  But I'll make sure it's pretty and presentable and proper.  And in the meantime, I do have another recipe to share... I just have to make a quick run for a few ingredients.  I should have it up by tomorrow! 

Sorry about the delay, but I'll make it up to you, I promise!

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