January 06, 2012

Reflections and Resolutions

Well it's that time of year again...

Time to think about the coming year and what we want to accomplish.

When I reflected on this past year, initially I felt like I got NOTHING done.  Ya know, having a newborn kind of puts limits on what you can do.  And then there was moving and having all of my goodies packed up for what seemed like an eternity.  And I had to put my Etsy shop on hiatus, *tear*. 

But then, I realized I actually got quite abit accomplished that I kind of took for granted. 


First, I put some paintings I had in storage into a local galleriy, and actually made my first official gallery sale.  Yay!

'The Smoker' - my first gallery sale

Second, I started this blog! I'd hoped I'd have more projects to share by this point, but yes, I was pretty disillusioned about how much time would be sucked up by the little one.

Third, I signed up for the artisan community organized by our local Farmer's Market, filled a spot (mostly with stuff I'd created the year before, but lots of little things I was able to make up this summer before baby came along), and sold tons of stuff over the summer. 

The waterfront pavilion that hosts our artist's community, next
 to our weekly Farmer's Market.
photo source
Fourth, instead of being in full production mode all the time, I had the opportunity to just kind of sit back and observe what worked and what didn't, in regards to sales and what people responded to.  Now I'll be better able to focus my energy!

Fifth, I made TONS of connections with other local artists, gallery owners, shop owners, etc.  Networking, as they called it when I was in business class in college, ha ha. 


So what's on my to-do list for 2012?

Here are a few of my 'Resolutions' for this coming year...

1. Get my studio/sewing/craft room finished... including (& not limited to!) getting the walls painted and decorated, organizing all those teeny tiny pieces of supplies, setting up my new serger (fingers crossed!), and yes, finding a chair for my sewing table.

2. Get my Etsy shop up and running again!  Which will mean I'll have to kick my butt into gear and start making things.

3. Finish up all my unfinished projects.  Sigh.  That alone could fill up my Etsy shop!!

Just a sample of my UFO's...

4. Commit to the Marketplace Artist's Community again this year... only hopefully I will be able to spend more time and energy there, instead of just dropping stuff off and rearranging the tables once a week. 

5. Actually start painting again.  And not just details on bags and stuff.  I want to do some more canvases and large-scale stuff, now that I have the room to do it!!

6.  Dedicate more time to, and tweak up, my blog.  I want to post more regularly about actual arty stuff.  I'd also like to make things a little more user-friendly, like making a photo gallery of tutorials to choose from (once I have a few more to share!), and likewise for recipes.  If you have any ideas or tips to jazz up the blog, leave a comment - I'd love to get feedback from the people who actually hang out here. 

So there you have it.  I had more stuff on my list... but figured I'd better be realistic.  I mean, I still have two little ones, right!!  Sometimes just changing out of my pj's by noon is an accomplishment, ha ha.  Check back tomorrow when I'll share with you some of the awesome Boxing Week swag I picked up on my latest journey into the city!!

What are your goals for the coming year??  What are you proud of accomplishing in 2011?? 

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  1. You should post some pictures of things you see around the Island too. I miss the place :-)

    Glad to see you are selling some of your paintings, the smoker was really good!

    I am always impressed with artists that have little ones and are still able to draw out that inspiration to create art. The little ones take alot of time :-)

    Beth W


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