February 23, 2012

Music Love - Dan Mangan

As a self-confessed music snob, when I'm creating (when I can find the time lately!), great music is a MUST.  Besides getting my mood jazzed up for my project, it helps me get in my 'right-brain' mode and to shut out all those other lame day-to-day issues that can kill my creativity.  Here I'll share what I've currently been listening to, new sounds I've found, and classics that I love.  I don't listen to anything 'MTV' or 'Top 40', so there's a good chance I might help you discover something new, too :)

I don't know about others, but I'm really starting to feel spring peeking through the winter.  Maybe it's due to the meagre amount of snow we had pretty much having melted away already, the days starting to be longer, and the 3 or 4 days of glorious sun we've had. 

I love that feeling... spring always makes me feel more energetic and excited.  Which makes me feel like listening to light, lovely, sprightly music.

Introducing Dan Mangan.  I discovered him a couple of years ago listening to a Canadian indie music radio station.  Since then he's kind of exploded, especially since the release of his last album, Oh Fortune. 

His music is all over the board... sometimes light and poetic, sometimes humorous and upbeat, and sometimes a little heavy and dark.  But it's all brilliantly written, and I love it all.  This song is a sample of his lighter style, and a great listen on a sunny day full of potential. 

All that, and I'm a sucker for a guy with a great beard.

It's hard to pick favourites, but if I had to choose a few other songs to show off his diversity, take a listen to:

and most definitely, Rows of Houses (one of my absolute faves).

“Dan Mangan’s always been an unusually sharp example of the singer-songwriter: packing clever hooks with world-wizened lyrics that seem awash in personal details while still being capable of delivering on some universal insight. I suppose that’s really the name of the game, but Mangan’s always been a little better, his songwriting a bit tighter and more confident, with more going on under the surface than. Oh Fortune, his third full-length, only further chisels that reputation into marble.”
- Vue Weekly

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