April 13, 2012

Life in the Hollow - Battling Colds, and Long Weekend Love

Our whole family battled a pretty rough bug this past week.  I'm pretty sure we picked it up from a little one at our local playgroup last Tuesday, who arrived with the sniffles, and well, you know kids, proceeded to slime every toy in the joint, ha ha. 

We're not back to 100%, but the worst of it has past, and I've finally been able to catch my breath (literally!) and reflect on the weekend that just past. 

I'm the type of gal, who (though I stay at home with the kiddos) always looks forward to the weekend.  Friday is my 'hurray!' day - even during the crappiest, most haywire parts of the day, I can chant "it's Friday, it's Friday!  Daddy will be home tomorrow!"  I hate that Mike has to work such long days.   

But it's not only for my sake... the kids LOVE their daddy.  Ruby actually bawled this morning when Mike left for work. 

And long weekends are extra special, because we have that extra day to get in some special activities. 

Even when we've got the sniffles. 

 Like trips for ice cream...

And long trips to the park... 

Isn't the view from our playground amazing??

And a little early morning goofing with the girl...

I love long weekends!

This weekend I'm taking the kids up to my parent's place, and we'll be there for the week... I'm pretty excited.  I don't get up to see them as often as I'd like, due to the distance.  They live on a beautiful little patch of land in farm country, and have some sheep that recently lambed... I can't wait to get some pictures.  Of Ruby's face, mostly, when she sees them.



  1. Love the pictures Kristy . thanks for sharing .

  2. Ruby looks pretty darn cute in those sunglasses :)


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