April 26, 2012

Life in the Hollow - On birthdays, and why I NEED to sew myself some pants

It's my birthday today.... gah!

I'll let you in on a little secret...

it's the big 3-1.


Last year, turning 30 was kind of a big deal for me.  I felt a little freaked out by the number.  Overall, my 20's were great and I was sad to be leaving them.

Now, turning 31, I'm having a bit of mixed emotions.  On one hand, I'm kind of ambivalent about it... I mean, I already passed the 'threshold'.  But on the other hand, I'm kind of more weirded out by this, than by turning 30 in the first place.   Because you know, 30 is 30, right out of your 20's.... but 31!!  Well, I'm not just dipping my toe into my 30's anymore... I kind of have both of my feet in now!


Anyhow, enough lamenting! 

I finally got my vintage sewing patterns in the mail yesterday.  And by finally, I'm not saying they were delayed in any way... I just COULD NOT WAIT!!  Squeeeeaaaal!

For anyone who doesn't know me in person, I kind of have a, ahem, problem with the fit of most jeans.  It's a problem that's plagued me since highschool, where I was christened with the lovely nickname 'Plumberchick,' a name that's hilariously stuck from then on.

No matter what jeans I wear, my butt spills out the back.  And really, I don't have an unrealistically big butt.  I don't know what's wrong with me.  I guess it's just the shape of my bum.  It's kind of funny and cute when you're really young... but yeah.  I'm a mom in her 30's now. 

Not so cute anymore.

I even went shopping this winter and specifically looked for (and bought) some jeans that had a higher rise than normal. 

I learned two things from that shopping trip:

1- It's almost impossible to shop at a mall for any clothes that aren't designed for teenagers (meaning EVERYTHING is low-rise, and super skinny-style).   And if you DO find clothes that aren't geared for teens, they're pretty much the total opposite (uber-frumpy).

2- The jeans I managed to find still, sadly, expose my butt.

So instead of waiting for some magical day when I can shop on MY schedule, at a store of MY choosing (and I'd definitely have to travel to find something good!), I decided to bite the bullet, put my talents to work, and just start making my own jeans. 

Taking inspiration from a few of my favourite vintage-clothing bloggers, I decided to find some patterns for some awesome 70's high-rise jeans... and stumbled upon LanetzLiving.net

(and no, I'm not being asked or paid to endorse this site.  I just couldn't help being totally smitten with it and wanted to share the love!)

Goldmine!!!  Thousands of AWESOME vintage patterns... for incredible prices... I just couldn't help myself.  I loaded up my cart with, oh, about 50 patterns.  In the first hour I spent browsing.  Seriously.  Then I decided to scale back to a dozen, and threw the rest in my Wishlist.  I think my Wishlist currently sits at about 80 patterns.  Ha ha ha!!  Oh if I only had the time to sew that much. 

And oh yeah, there's free shipping in USA and Canada if you order 3 or more patterns!!  Can you believe that?!

So, my judiciously chosen patterns arrived yesterday, to much squealing.  I couldn't even wait until I was home to open the package... I ripped that baby open on the walk home with my kiddos.  (And that package was sealed up good... there were teeth and keys involved in diving into that envelope!)

A few of my favorites:

Just looking at these puppies gives me my sewing mojo back.  See those jeans in the middle up there??  Those are the babies I'm hoping will cure my 'plumber-itis.'  I may make a few alterations though - widening the waistband, and I'm thinking of a pair with a sailor-style button placket on the front... (and yes, that envelope is stamped April 14, 1975... 37 years old!!)

So yes!!!  I just now have to pick up some sweet denim and I'll start on my jeans... in the meantime I'll HAVE to start on some pretty summer tops and dresses. 

Maybe that'll take some of the sting out of getting old. 
Ha ha ha.

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  1. A big Happy Birthday. Enjoy yourself no seriously coming from a 47 year old who has been telling everyone since her birthday in December that she is 48 LOL enjoy your thirties each and every day, month, year cause u need to have great memories to look back on when you hit your fourties and really start lamenting.
    Great blog btw


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