May 02, 2012

Music Love - Elliott Brood

Confession - I love me some bluegrass. 

I guess it's the farmgirl in me, but I find myself gravitating to earthy, bluegrassy music alot lately.  These guys ALWAYS appease my hankering for some banjo, when the craving hits.

These guys are AMAZING!  I've seen them play a few times at my favourite watering hole (I guess I should say my ex-favourite watering hole, since I don't live there anymore, sigh).  They are incredible live. 

This is one of my favourites, but really, it's hard to choose, since all of their songs are all soooo catchy and unique. 

And that voice... aaaah.

Check out:

Without again
If I get old
Write it all down for you

..... and many many many others...

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