May 09, 2012

A New Look, A Sneak Peek, and a Giveaway...?!

So... Ta Da!

I finally got everything updated and switched over to my new look.  What do you think?

I wanted to streamline things abit... tidy things up... and make the look a little more 'me.'

I'll probably be tweaking things here and there over the next few weeks until I get things juuuust right, but overall I'm pretty happy with it.

I had a few reasons for wanting to get this done.  First, it's my one-year Blogiversary in 2 weeks!  I thought it was about time to freshen things up in recognition :)

Second, I have a sweet little tutorial coming up... finally, a sewing tutorial!!

I should have it finished and posted in the next day or two.  Stay tuned!

And third, in honour of this little Blogiversary of mine, I plan on hosting a little giveaway to thank all of you sweet folks who've been along for the ride the whole time, and also those who are awesome enough to stumble upon me recently. 

I thank you all, and I'll give details soon!


  1. Happy blog-o-versary! :) Following you now from Happy Hour Projects!
    Happy Hour Projects

  2. 1year, yay! So happy I could e-meet you and start following along with you:)

    btw- you have word verification turned on. To turn it off just go to blogger, settings, posts and comments, and turn it off:)


  3. Your blog is so great Kristy. You are so talented!


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