August 15, 2012

Quick Ironing Board Re-Cover

This summer has just been insaaaaaane so far.  My hubby and I were calculating the other day, trying to remember a weekend that we either didn't have company or that we weren't traveling... and I think we hit back at May.  Hence the sudden disappearance of moi.

We've done a TON of awesome stuff, and I'm still sifting through photos, trying to pick the best ones to share... I'll probably have to wait until later, towards fall, and do a "Summer Recap" post of some sort. 

Between all the craziness I've been trying to keep up with all my sewing.  I foolishly enthusiastically took on a bunch of jobs earlier this summer, and have since been literally on a marathon sprint to finish them all up.  At one point I actually noticed my fingers were cramping from all the cutting and pinning.  Agh.  Needless to say, I haven't gotten anything done for myself all summer.  (Except for a pair of shorts I had high hopes for, which turned out to be t.e.r.r.i.b.l.e.  Another story for another day!)

So, introducing one of my sidekicks through all the sewing mayhem, my little tabletop ironing board, Boz.

My places have always been pretty small, so a few years ago I decided to get rid of my monster-sized ironing board that I'd been trucking around since college.  Last summer I scored this brand-new mini tabletop ironing board at a local yard sale for $1. 

I knew she was brand new because she was still wrapped up with the original tags... but she had obviously been stored in a garage or something because there were some icky water stains on the front:

It didn't smell or anything (luckily!), but I was sick of staring at those ugly stains, not to mention the lovely 90's fabric.  So I rummaged through my stash and pulled out a piece of fabric just the right size to freshen poor Boz up. 

This really only took me about an hour from start to finish, so it's a really speedy way to add some pretty to your sewing space.

Project Requirements:

Fabric - preferably cotton, or another high-heat-resistant material, big enough
to cover your board
String, ribbon, or yarn of your choice
Batting (if your old piece isn't salvageable)

Lay your board top-side-down on your fabric.  Trace all the way around the edges - I left about 2" allowance the whole way around.  Cut out your piece.

While you're at it, rip off the ugly old cover from your board.  If the piece of batting is still good, keep it to reuse.  If you need to replace that too, cut a piece of quilt batting the same size as your board.

Finish off your edges.  I serged mine, but you could just as easily zig-zag or iron under 1/4" and stitch. 

Now press about 1/2" all the way around. 

My Little Pony supervision not necessary, but adds a bit of flair to the project :)

Cut a piece of string long enough to fit around the entire outside edge of the fabric, plus about 12" extra.  I used regular kitchen cotton yarn (the kind used to knit dishcloths and such.)  It doesn't have to be anything fancy, because you're not going to see it when you're done anyway!

Starting in the middle bottom end of your board cover, tuck the string into the crease of your hem allowance, and pin down.  Make your way around the entire edge.
When you get back to the bottom middle (where you started), pin the two ends of string fairly close together.

Now topstitch around the edge of the piece, creating a casing, being careful not to catch the string in your stitches.  Leave a hole about an inch wide where your strings meet up.  Make sure to backstitch at the very beginning and the very end, or those stitches may come loose when you tighten the strings.

Lay your board down on your fabric, with the batting sandwiched nicely in between.  Pull on the strings to tighten up. 

Tie up into a nice pretty bow, and then trim any extra string off (I ended up cutting about 5" of extra string from each end).  Tuck that bow under the edge to keep it out of the way. 

Tying a bow as opposed to a knot keeps the cover easily removable in case you need to wash it.  Heck, make a few of these, and switch them up as your mood changes :)

Flip that baby over, and you're done!!  Easy peasy.

A shot of my brand-spanking new cover in action... in my makeshift workspace.  Pretty.

At least I got do something for myself this summer (so far!)!!

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